Comparing TTSTE 355 Z3 (Grotnes Steel) to forged ingots (e.g. ASTM 182 F22,), indicates that there is a potential upside to use TTSTE 355 Z3:




  • Material costs for forged ASTM 182 F22 is approximately 10% more expensive compared to TTSTE 355 Z3, whilst TTSTE 355 Z3 is equally strong
  • Delivery time and post-delivery machining work is cut in half. In extreme cases, costs and delivery time can be cut as much as 90%
  • The quality of TTSTE 355 Z3 is still good enough to satisfy most standards within the oil & gas industry
  • In the lower oil price environment, players are looking to cut costs; - creating a perfect opportunity for Grotnes’s value proposition

Comparison of steel ingot manufacturing methods

  • Comparing “flame-cut to shape” and “machined to shape” ingots for “connecting link” product



33,08 % saving for this example.