Latest news about “The famous one”

Last weekend the hunting season for grouse was ended for this time. The hunting for grouse has a long tradition here nearby the arctic circle. And for those of you who was worried about our grouse during the hunting season, we can calm you down. In the last days since the season ended, we have done some new chemical analyses of her. We did this to check if there should be any traces of changes in the chemical composition that could indicate that she has been hit by any shots.

The analyses show no significant changes in content of Lead, Bismuth or elements that could be found in shots. The chemistry seems to be as the first day after she was cut to her shape and came out of the normalisation furnace like a phoenix bird. I wish everything were as reliable and stabile as Grotnes Steel.

By the way, maybe you are thinking, why should they cut a grouse out of steel? The answer is simply, because we can! And it is a cool thing to do, and to demonstrate that Grotnes Steel are able to cut to shape steel in multiple levels like no other companies can. It is as simple as that.

The TTSTE 355Z3 steel

So, what kind of steel is this? The Grotnes Steel is a proprietary steel named TTSTE355Z3 and meet requirements in Norsok MDS Y20. The MDS Y20 steel standard has requirements in through thickness direction and is limited to upper plate thickness 150mm. Unlike others, Grotnes Steel has TTSTE355Z3 plates in stock up to 720mm thickness, and shafts with diameter ø1200mm that meets the requirements given in NORSOK MDS Y20.

There is another thing that separates our products in TTSTE355Z3 from others, is that we perform the normalization process followed by testing after the ox cutting. This means that the test results are more representative, but not at least the steel is much better to machine due to less heat affected zones. The machining companies appreciate this a lot.

So now you know a little bit more about Grotnes steel. Unlike the grouse, our customer is spread all over the world with products often found subsea. But have in mind that we deliver both high and low and are able to adapt to what the environments demand. Just like the grouse.

For those of you who thought all famous grouses could be consumed with ice, this one should only be enjoyed as a piece of art.

Have a nice weekend!

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