Extreme cutting capabilities

Grotnes steel has excited their customers by flame cutting heavy plates into 3D shaped parts for over 50 years. Plasma burner for thinner plates and bevelling is also used allot.

November 2021 Altimo AS moved in together with us and became a strategic partner. Altimo has completed us with high end Laser- and Water-cutting technology.

This means that we can help our customers by always use the best technology available for the given piece of work.

Cutting capacaties:

  • Heavy-plate cutting of up to 1,500 mm thickness requires extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment. With six CNC-controlled cutting tables the company is well equipped to perform diverse assignments.
  • Plasma-cut: 40mm
  • Laser-Cut: 25 mm
  • Water jet: 150mm
Illus: 3D Multi-level Cutting

3D Multi-level Cutting

Alternative to forging and casting.

Illus: Heat treatment furnaces

Heat treatment

Normalizing, annealing, stress relieving

Illus: Heavy plate, and 3D Cut

Heavy plate, and 3D Cut

Extreme capacities- Flame-cut machining up to 1500mm edges.

Illus: Laser Cut by Altimo AS

Laser Cut

Extreme precision -High speed- No grinding

Illus: Plasma Cut

Plasma cut

Plasma arc can cut a very wide range of electrically conductive alloys including plain …

Illus: Ring rolling

Ring rolling

The plate roller installed in our workshop is designed for short, coarse rings and pipes.

Illus: Abrasive water jet by ALTIMO AS

Water Cut

Extreme precision in all types of metals and most other materials

Questions about our technologies?

Call or email us for any questions about any of our technologies and how these may help you to achive your desired result. All enquiries are non-binding.