Services who typical could be a part of the full price Schedule:

  • Tender or offer support.
  • Construction support
  • Drawing Breakdown support
  • Blank design.
  • Support in Design optimalization and clarification of material specification
  • Documentation
  • Testing DT/NDT
  • Material Certificates
  • Logistic and export
  • Through extern partners we also can include semi/ semi finish machining and surface treatment in the fixed price.

Added values when you choose to use us as a supporting project partner:

  • Fast and fixed full pricing gives you exact costs in advance.
  • Reduced risk
  • Availability of raw materials in cyclic markets gives flexibility.
  • Reduced inventory holding costs.
  • Increased workshop space for your core activities.
  • Reduced risk for obsolete or aged inventory.
  • Reducing procurement costs/ Project management cost.

Questions about our services or support?

Call or email us for any questions about our services or support and how we may help you achive your goals. All enquiries are non-binding.