Abrasive water jet by ALTIMO AS

ALTIMO is our inhouse partner for Laser and Water jet cutting.

Waterjet machines cut all types of metals: hardened tool steel, aluminum, titanium, and a host of exotic metals that prove difficult to cut with other tools or processes. Cutting with a waterjet produces a smooth edge with no burn marks, cracking or excess burrs. In addition, since waterjet is a cold cutting method, there are no heat-affected zones

Equipment: Omax 55100 Tilt-A-jet. The Tilt-A-Jet lets the OMAX Jet Machining Center achieve virtually zero taper with most materials. The Tilt-A-Jet can position the nozzle at an angle calculated by the software to exactly offset the taper from the abrasive jet. Taper doesn’t disappear–it just gets moved to the scrap part of the material, leaving your part with exactly square edges.

Questions about water cutting?

Call or email us for any questions about water cutting and how this technology may help you to achive your desired result. All enquiries are non-binding.